Welcome to Tokay RC Modelers FAQ! Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a quick answer, and shy of the SEARCH feature on our website, hopefully your information is here.

When is your club meeting and what's the location?
      Meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 at the Lodi Library.

Are Tokay RC Modelers accepting new member applications?
     Yes, TRCM is accepting new member applications. Check our Membership webpage for info.

Where is your flying field located?
     Our field is in Walnut Grove, about 20 minutes from Lodi. Please see our map & directions here.

Can we come out to your flying field and watch?  When is the best day of the week to see airplanes?
     Sure! We enjoy having visitors watching and asking questions. Saturday and Sunday mornings have the most fliers but many other days there are also fliers at the field.

How do I learn how to fly remote control airplanes?
We have experienced instructors to teach you, and a club trainer and radio to get you started. Check out our Learn To Fly RC webpage.

Can guests fly at your club?
     Yes, you are welcome to fly RC three different days as our guest with a current AMA card in your possession.

Can I launch rockets there, fly RC turbine jets, or run RC cars?
Rockets are not allowed due to the fire risk to our runway and the farmer’s fields. RC cars are also not allowed. Turbine jets can be flown only with prior approval from a club officer, and only during specific times of the year that are noted by a green light on the home page.