Tokay RC Modelers Flying Field Rules

Field Guests: Guests are always invited to fly with us at our field, or to watch and ask questions. You must have a current AMA card with you to fly as a guest. No AMA card, no flying. Our landlord also requires a signed release of liability. Introduce yourself to any member and they will get you checked out and in the air. You are a guest of TRCM, if you do not act like one, or fly in a unsafe manner, you will be told to leave. There must be a TRCM member present for guest flyers. Guests are welcome to fly on three different days, after which they will be invited to join the club. If the access gate is locked, or open but there are no TRCM members present, the field is closed and no flying is permitted. 

Restrictions: Due to fire hazards, turbine powered aircraft are allowed to fly only with prior approval from a club officer, and only during specific times of the year.  Rockets are not allowed at any time.

Flying Field Rules:
1. Each new member must fly the first time at the club field with a club member who
will review the club safety and field rules, AMA safety rules, and ascertain that
the new member can adequately, safely fly his aircraft.
2. Guests shall be allowed flying privileges at the club field only if the host of the
guest will assume responsibility to see that club rules are observed. This
includes verification that the guest possesses AMA membership and has
signed a TRCM Release of Liability form. Any guest utilizing the flying field for
more than three occasions shall be asked to present themselves for
membership in the club by their sponsor.
3. All fliers must have a frequency pin to fly if on 72 mhz. Do not turn on your transmitter without
a frequency pin. Place your club membership card in the frequency pin slot and
guests must place their AMA card there in lieu of a membership card.
4. Complete a satisfactory range check of your equipment each flying session, and
preflight your plane.
5. NO Takeoffs from the pit or taxiway area.
6. Flying is not allowed above the Pit and Parking area.
7. Do not stand on the Runway while Flying. Use the Pilot's stations behind the
safety barrier.
8. Always announce your intention for take off or landing to the other pilots.
9. Dead Stick aircraft have landing priority over all other aircraft. Landing aircraft
have priority over aircraft that are taking off. Be courteous and communicate
with the other pilots when retrieving your aircraft.
10. Engines will only be run at the Start Up Area and the Run Up area only, preferably using the start stands.
11. Mufflers are REQUIRED on all Aircraft. (Electric is exempt)
12. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the field at any time.
13. No Smoking (if you need to smoke, then smoke in your car)
14. Last person to leave the field will lock the gate.
15. The Safety Officer and all members will ensure compliance to these rules.

Restricted Flight Areas: Please check the map below for the areas where flying is not allowed.