Learn to fly RC!

Tokay Radio Control Modelers is a friendly club that has a wealth of talent to offer to beginners as well as the experienced hobbyist. TRCM members believe that RC flying, and club membership, should be fun! We take pride in helping people become successful in the RC flying hobby. All of our members and our instructors are willing to assist you with instruction for building, pre-flight checks and flight training of your aircraft. If you have not yet purchased an airplane or radio, you might want to contact one of our instructors for some advice on what makes a good trainer. Time spent on an RC flight simulator can usually save you time and money, although by no means necessary. Flight simulators allow you to practice at home in favorable conditions and without risking your plane.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when learning to fly:
There is a far greater chance of lost time, unwanted expenses and failure while attempting to learn to fly alone. It is best to get experienced help for your first few flights. While a very few may be successful learning to fly alone, there is a far greater chance of failure. Using a trained instructor with the Buddy-Box system almost always guarantees success and drastically reduces your stress level, as well as the damage to your wallet.

The only way you're going to get better is to put in as much flight time as possible. Try to fly as often as possible, even if it's with different instructors.

In order to fly at the Tokay RC Modelers flying site you must be an AMA member. If you have not yet joined the AMA here is a link to do so. Adult membership is $75 per year, $65 for over 65, and under 19 is free. AMA membership provides liability insurance when flying your aircraft and also includes an excellent monthly magazine.

When choosing an instructor, one of the questions you should ask is his availability for flight training. It's ok to talk or email to several TRCM instructors until you find one that you "click" with. We don't mind, this is not a competition to see who can get the most students. We want you to be comfortable with your instructor, and HAVE FUN!

A great resource for the newcomer is the AMA, their website is a great way to start. Here is a link to to the most commonly asked questions about beginning RC flying. Check it out!